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EMS - Where Now? PDF Print E-mail

One of the "hot topics" in EMS today is the possibility of Mobile Integrated Healthcare, which will use a "Community Paramedic" to not only provide emergency medical services, but also follow-up in a primary care-type of manner. Below are a few documents on the future roles an EMS provider may take:

icon State Office Document on Mobile Integrated Healthcare
National Scope of Practice Final Document National Scope of Practice Final Document 433.49 Kb
National Health Service (UK) Taking Healthcare to the Patient National Health Service (UK) Taking Healthcare to the Patient 945.43 Kb 
Queensland (Australia) Expanded Paramedic Healthcare Queensland (Australia) Expanded Paramedic Healthcare 1.40 Mb
EMS at the Crossroads - Executive Summary EMS at the Crossroads - Executive Summary 624.90 Kb
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